Gap or Waiver X Signature of Dealer s Agent Title 15-Day Temporary Registration Number Printed Name of Person Issuing Temporary Registration Temporary Fee Charged Purchaser Warning Do Not Sign a Blank Form I am purchasing or leasing this vehicle and am applying for a Michigan certificate of title and registration or if the lessee applying for a registration. I certify that my driver s license is not suspended revoked or denied as a repeat offender and I am eligible to purchase or register...

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Who needs an RD-108 form?

Whenever somebody purchases a motor vehicle in the State of Michigan, he must immediately title and register it. When someone is leasing a vehicle, he is required to register the vehicle. The purchaser, lessee, dealer, and lessor need to use the RD-108 form.

What is the purpose of the RD-108?

The RD-108 form is an application for Michigan title and registration of a motor vehicle.

Is the RD-108 accompanied by other forms?

Neither the purchaser nor dealer must submit any form along with the RD-108 form. However, the proof of insurance and ownership documents or previous registration must be provided.

When is the RD-108 due?

The purchaser must title the vehicle in his name within 15 days of buying it.

What information should be provided?

The following information should be provided: purchase date, delivery date, dealer, its address, dealer license, sales tax license, phone number. The dealer should specify whether the vehicle is new, used, or demo; make, vehicle number; if it is a trade-in, the trade-in year. If the vehicle is registered temporarily, the respective section must be filled with indication of the transfer plate number and expiration date.

The form should also disclose the vehicle use and history. If the odometer disclosure is required, the odometer mileage section must be completed.

The next section contains information about accessories.

For a used vehicle, the dealer’s representative should sign the contractual disclosure statement.

The form must show whether the plate is a new one, a renewal, or a transfer by marking the respective checkbox.

The next section contains the following: driver license number/PIDs of all lessees or owners; county of residence; complete names and addresses of all lessors or owners; names and addresses of lessees.

The following section should give the insurance details including the name of insurance company, policy number, first secured interest and second security interest.

Further, the following should be provided: purchase price of vehicle; other charges subject to taxation; total taxable price; sales tax, license, title; non-taxable charges; total price; cash on deposit; cash due on delivery; trade-in; less lien; total down payment; unpaid balance to be financed, insurance charge; total amount of finance contract.

Finally, the purchaser (lessor, lessee) signs and dates the form.

Where do I send the RD-108 form?

You should send the completed RD-108 form to any Secretary of State branch office.

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